January 19, 2019

How To Be Happy

New year, new me! I've only gone and dyed my hair ginger, you know, no biggie.

I wanted to talk about this idea of changes. New year always starts with new promises and new resolutions which last up to a month. I am turning 22 in a month and as the new year came I started thinking about what I could change in my life to be more happy.

When it comes to accomplishments I am super proud of everything that I've done. That's not even me being cocky, I've worked super hard on everything that I work on so there's no shame here. I feel like we should all take a minute to appreciate everything we've accomplished so far, you start to notice how amazing you actually are. You want to live a happy and care free life, start by loving yourself. You're a badass that has accomplished so much, even if it's just the little things in life that we over look.

So with the new year, I've been thinking about what I want to change to be more happy. More than ever in the past few months, I noticed how much confidence I lack. I always let people's opinions get to me and over think every action that any acquaintance makes towards me. It's something that has bothered me for quite a while now, with the winter season being one of my lowest points. Have a read of my last post on seasonal mood disorder which I suffer from every year. So this year I'm making the conscience effort to not give a f*ck. I guess that's my resolution?

I started wearing clothes with made me feel like... me; happy, positive and just my quirky self. I noticed that I've been toning down my style for a while now. Being on a fashion course you start to feel like you should be wearing what everyone else wears, because that's what's on trend now. So over the past few months I've been wearing all the colourful clothes that I own because it makes me happy. What style makes you happy? I have this yellow lemon dress which always lifts up my spirit, so that's been out recently. I then went and dyed my hair ginger which is such a big move for me! In the 21 years I've only ever had blonde hair. Blonde and recently slight silver touches, basically playing it super safe. So I went the opposite of safe and went ginger (which is now more red than anything). I also had a hair cut yesterday which is now super short (if you wanna see that I'll be sharing some updates on my instagram) which isn't that new to me as I always cut it short, but now that it's ginger it looks completely different, gives me more masculine vibes.

So what's next? I guess it's working on the mind set. It's a really busy period in my life having 4 months left of my final year at university, but I'm making the conscious effort to do what makes me happy. I'm keeping the friends that make me feel good close, and getting rid of the toxic relationships in my life. No one needs that, you just have to do you and get rid of anyone that makes you feel like sh*t. A lot of people find it hard to let go of friendships like that because it's the familiar thing but I promise you, you feel so much better after! The true friends are the ones that are always there to hear you rant, help you with any meltdowns and give you a confidence talk at midnight when you can't sleep. That's who you need in your life.

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  1. Best wishes for a very happy birthday this month - I hope all of your birthday wishes come true!
    I love the look of your button-front checked dress styled over the black long-sleeved top and black tights. Your ginger coloured hair looks beautiful, and I love your poses and facial expressions. You look fabulous! Happy birth month!



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