June 15, 2018

NTU Fashion Design Show 2018

Colour, textures and deconstruction.

Finally made it to this year's Fashion Degree show which was sold out last year, check out the post on the exhibitions though! This year's show had a lot of similar themes in colours, fabrics and concepts with the occasional pink elephant coming out of a dress. You always need a bit of crazy in a collection.

One of my favourite themes across the show was the variety of colours used. Designers have chosen unconventional dusky blues, parma violet purples and electric pinks for their collection as a focus point which instantly set the tone. It was interesting to see the influence that the designers used, from street hip-hop to the Victorian era to the 1950's. You definitely get a vibe of what the designer is about, their interests and attention to detail. The designers have also varied from complex designs and cuts to classic clean cut shapes and silhouettes. 

Some of my favourite pieces included the bright slogan pieces from Jade Mitchell, pleat perfection from Rebecca Dixon and Despina Chatzidakis & sophisticated silhouettes from Robert Goddard. I will say that it was quite hard to find the designers after the show but I've tried to mention as many as I could find. 

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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  1. The variety of designs at the NTU Fashion Degree Show sounds fascinating, and I love that there was a variety of colours including some electric pinks amongst the designs. I like the white ruffles on the multi-coloured plaid shift dress in the third photo, the colourful dress in the fifth photo and the pink dress in the last photo.
    It sounds like you had a fashiontastic time there!



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