April 15, 2018

Urban Decay Heat Palette Review & Swatches

The Holy Grail!

I've had this beauty for a few months now so I've had a chance to have a good play around with it. I wanted do a small review here since I haven't done a beauty post in a while and at this point in my life I'm starting to think I have too many eye shadow palettes. You need a bit of variety in your life though.

One of the reasons why this bad boy was so hyped up is because of the colours. The burnt colour scheme was so popular when it came out and is still today. Personally I think it's just something a bit different for the beauty industry. They're the shades that people notice when you wear them. I've had so many people ask me what I had on my eyes when I wear them.

This is the second Naked palette that I have and in terms of pigment, it has been consistent throughout. I've done a look with the Naked 2 palette on the blog so have a look at that. The pigmentation on these is amazing. I was always used to the drugstore eye shadows which didn't have the best pigmentation. Getting the naked palette was such a shock, I never expected shadows to be this good. There are some shadows that have less pigment but throughout its pretty consistent. On the Heat palette, the Ounce and Chaser shades are the ones that don't fit in with the rest. They are the lighter shades therefore you have to apply more on to show (as you can see in the images above) but it's not a major problem.

Most palettes have fallout. I think its bound to happen to most pigmented eye shadows. It's the less pigmented ones that have no fallout. It's a compromise between the two. With the Heat palette I've noticed some fallout, it's not major because the shades are super creamy especially the shimmery shades (Lumbre, Dirty Talk, Scorched and Ember). Its the matte shades that have more fallout. The trick is you build up the shade, add a small bit at a time to avoid it going everywhere. It also gives you more control over the look.

The Heat palette was a Christmas present so I didn't buy it myself, however they do usually retail at £39.50 and they're really accessible. You can buy them in House of Fraser, John Lewis or online on the Urban Decay website. It's the same price as the other Naked palettes which I would say is pretty reasonable. It's a lot of money but for the amount of product in the palette and how long it lasts its a good investment.

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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