April 27, 2018

OZH Jewellery | Independent Business Focus

Metallic lightweight leather earrings

Half moon leather necklace

Hello my lovelies!

Today I'm talking a little bit about jewellery. Something which I don't tend to focus on as I'm not a big jewellery person, however working with Oktavia over the past few months has been so fun! Her metallic earrings are now my go to earrings for any occasion.

OZH Jewellery is an independent business based in Nottingham, selling handmade leather jewellery. From statement necklaces to minimalistic studs, the jewellery fits any mood. The founder, Oktavia Herbst, is a creative soul that can't keep her hands still. She makes her jewellery alongside other projects including the @thezerowastemaker selling recycled everyday items helping save the planet and avoid over production therefore promoting sustainability and purpose. Her jewellery is crafted using high quality leather sourced from Heidelberg - Germany, but also accommodates vegan options.

She has just come out with some lovely pieces which are on her etsy page so check her out!


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