March 21, 2018

My First Ever Tattoo | Meet Rose?

I finally did it! After about 3 years of wanting this style permanently on my body, I finally found the perfect tattooist to do the job and jumped the gun. The whole thing probably started when I did art foundation and discovered the continuous line drawing. Since then I've loved that vibe and after moodboards, pinterest boards and instagram collections I finally have it on my body.

Thank you so much to Lucy for doing a wonderful job and for making the whole process easy and quick. I was worried about the pain as I've heard the underarm is one of the most painful areas to do it on, but it was completely fine. I was debating between the underarm and on the side of waist but the arm won. I think when it comes to the waist, I feel like it would have to be a longer piece which would be quite big. For my first tattoo I didn't want it to be too big. Overall the pain felt a little bit like a cat scratching you. It was just irritating after a while.

So meet Rose... or do you think she looks more like an Elizabeth? Comment below your name suggestions!

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