March 01, 2018

Bloggers Event @ Dolcino

Blogger event, tick! The East Midlands has been a growing this wonderful community of bloggers which are getting involved in so many events. About a week ago I was invited to the Dolcino Bloggers Event featuring drinks and lots of gelato. To all the bloggers, I recommend joining the facebook page 'East Midland Bloggers Network' for more opportunities like these. You also get to check out the bloggers in Nottingham and nearby therefore join the community.

The event was put together for bloggers to come and try the menu, have some drinks and learn about the art of Gelato. On my way to the event I bumped into Gabriella and Kotryna and they managed to get in with me. We did the regular blogger style pictures of the gelato and volunteered to make some ourselves. We learned that gelato is the healthier alternative to ice cream and that Dolcino is the only place in Nottingham to make fresh gelato.

We even met the owner and his wife who were so passionate about the business and gelato in general. He gave us a lovely speech about his family and how Dolcino came about. I also loved how committed he was to having everything fresh and all the best ingredients. It was so inspiring to see a business with such a vision.

Thanks for reading, Dom x


  1. I love the print, puffy sleeves look of the fabric and over all design of the dress you were wearing at the Dolcino Bloggers Event. Your hair and lipstick looked pretty and I love the photo of you with your blogger friends.


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