February 17, 2018

Rick Owens Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman Exhibition | Art Farty

“The clothes I make are my autobiography. They are the calm elegance I want to get to and the damage I’ve done on the way. They are an expression of tenderness and raging ego. They are an adolescent idealization and its inevitable defeat.” 
Rick Owens

In my personal life, Rick Owens has only just come into my radar. Although studying fashion, I somehow never noticed the true art that is Rick Owens. I think I tend to stay safe in my fashion research and stick to what I know and the styles that I would wear myself. Studying fashion however has pushed me to new things which I wouldn't necessarily consider before. 

Nonetheless, here I am writing about his exhibition and it's all down to my boyfriend falling in love with him and his work. He talks about it all the time, in fact I think he stated that if he had to wear one brand for the rest of his life this would be it. Alongside some other choices. I was instructed to go to the exhibition while in Milan and take a picture of every single thing. I think he wanted to feel like he was there too. I also took quite a few pictures of Milan so check out the travel diary.

The first thing I remember when entering the exhibition was having this feeling like I stepped into another world. The room was pitch black with spotlight beams at the end of the room. It was completely empty and silent which added to the ambience. This surreal feeling took over when you had to walk through the beams which had steam slowly moving in between the light.  I stepped into the light entering a long room with what looked like solid black smoke which wrapped around the corner of the room. The texture of this felt almost concrete and gritty. 

Making my way around the room I stopped by all the mannequins wearing the individual pieces which were unique in themselves. I specifically noticed that the women mannequins seemed to slouch more and the wigs had perfectly flat straight hair which were to die for. My favourite thing though was the mannequins that were strapped to other mannequins in a 69 position, recreating the famous Spring Summer 2016 show.

I stopped by all the pieces and analysed the intricate details on every garment and the madness that went into putting it together. Is that a puffa coat? Oh wait, it kinda looks like part of a puffa coat. At the end of the corridor there was a huge projection of the recent Rick Owens runway shows including the Spring Summer 2016 Womenswear and Menswear. Furry block seats were spread around the projection which made me feel a bit uneasy. Pretty sure it was real.

Overall the whole exhibition was amazing. I love going to fashion exhibitions and seeing all the clothes up close and personal. Being able to see the stitching and how the fabric droops, it's a whole new experience.

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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