February 04, 2018

Luxury Outlet Shopping | Bicester Village

Long time no see.

I apologise for slacking this month. Its been a hectic month but it's all done now so new content will be up this month! 

So last week me and Oli drove up to Bicester Village for some cheap luxury shopping. I say cheap but it was still in the hundreds for the majority of it. There were some staples that I've been meaning to update in my wardrobe for a long time and this was my perfect opportunity to get some good quality clothes. What about you guys, do you invest in your basics or go cheap and splash out on trend items?

We spent maybe 4 or 5 hours walking from Gucci to Prada to Vivienne Westwood. I must say that it was hard to find basics because the majority of the product sold at outlets is previous seasons and a lot of the time it's things that didn't sell well. Nonetheless I bagged some Mulberry Chelsea boots reduced from £400 to around £100. That's what you call a bargain. I also received some champagne while browsing there which definitely made the whole experience and persuaded me to buy. I also got some simple black Levi jeans reduced from £80 to £50. 

Definitely recommend going when you get the chance!

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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