December 16, 2017

NTU Blogging Society take the V&A | Balenciaga Exhibition

As some of you may know, me and some other wonderful girls started the Blogging Society this year at Nottingham Trent University. The society has given me so many opportunities from reaching out to bloggers, hosting events and getting to go to amazing exhibitions such as the Balenciaga Exhibition at the V&A. Check out our Instagram or Facebook page for regular updates on any other events we hold. While I'm on the topic, I'm on the lookout for bloggers and professionals to get in touch with the society. If you are a fellow blogger, photographer or just anyone that would like to get to know our wonderful members, please drop me an email or just get in touch through social media. Recently we've held a talk with blogger Arooj Aftab and her experience in blogging.

As I've said, the society has had the opportunity to go to London to see the Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A. The whole experience was very eventful with the bus taking 5 hours to get the London and nearly missing the bus back, it was still the most successful event we held. Blogging is mostly known for the fashion or beauty sectors and indeed the majority of our members are interested in content production in these categories. The Balenciaga exhibition was a great experience for those members to learn about the famous fashion house and see the work up close and personal. My favourite feature of the exhibition was the interactive pads that enabled you to make your own one seam paper coat. I also loved seeing the xrays of the dresses, such an interesting idea to see the layers and their construction.

Starting the society I had this idea of creating a community of bloggers that can meet, make new friends and help each other with any content. This first term has been a successful one through gaining 25 paid members and holding weekly events, we still faced challenges as a new society. Having to be active through all social media, communicating events to members and even booking rooms to hold the events in, it's been a juggle. Considering the committee is made up of second year students, the work load also comes in between that. Nonetheless we are committed to creating a community for Trent students to learn new skills and be inspired to make content. Next term we have some more exciting events coming up from local bloggers doings talks, trip to the London Fashion Week Festival and day out trips and workshops at the Sherwood Textile Workshop.

If you are a Trent student and would like to join the society, check out our page on the SU website.

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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