December 11, 2017

Manchester in a Day - Vintage Shopping and Cocktails | Travel Diary

Hello my lovelies!

Before I get into the post I just wanted to say that I finally did it, I got my own domain! After 3 years of pondering if Quirkydom is really the name I want to stick with I have finally gone and bought it. It's a new era.  

So as you might have seen in my last post, I went to Manchester a few weeks ago. I shared my outfit on Friday but today I wanted to share what me and Kat got up to. Check out Kat's blog, she mostly shares fashion content and she has a banging Instagram! 

The main reason for going to Manchester was to see the Little Black Dress head offices for a uni project. We weren't going to waste this opportunity though so we stayed for the day exploring, but mostly taking outfit pictures on the streets on Manchester. I got a few recommendations from some blogger friends and we hit up the northern quarter for vintage shops including Cow and what seemed like a pop up vintage sale. 

After we stopped by our fave shop Mango where we found some lush earrings then final stop was the Alchemist. I heard so many things about that place. They essentially do cocktails but take it to a whole new level. I ordered the 'Colour Changing One' which came with a glass and ice and two beakers, the kind you get at school in science. They both had clear liquid in and when the drink came to the table, the waiter instructed to pour the left one in first then the second one just after. I don't remember if it changed colour, I was more fascinated at how smoke came out of my drink!  

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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