December 26, 2017

Berlin Travel Diary | Christmas Markets & Berlin Wall

Merry Christmas everyone! 

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas Day and unlike me I hope you're all sat around all day today, relaxing with your family. I unfortunately have to face the terror of Boxing Day sales. If you're planning on going shopping today, please be considerate and don't forget the sales assistants will have to deal with the whole mess afterwards. 

Today I wanted to share some pictures from when me and Oli went to Berlin to see my sister. We went to about 5 Christmas markets and it was the perfect start to the festive season. Last time I was in Berlin was about 2 years ago however I only stayed for about 24 hours. It was a quick stop at mine and Olis interrailing adventure. We didn't actually see much of Berlin when we came then as there wasn't much time so we did some more sightseeing this time. We visited the Berlin Wall and walked around some Potsdam parks. Oli tried to do some geocaching too but I don't think he found any. If you haven't heard of geocaching then you have not lived. You're essentially treasure hunting in real life. Have a look at their website for more info.

It was really nice to see my sister and her boyfriend and spend some time with them. We even went to one of my sisters lectures at uni, I didn't understand a single word. I was really impressed with how my sisters language has improved though. I was just so weird to hear her talking to people and even just the fact that she could understand what they were saying, that was really impressive. You know what they say, once you move to a new country it instantly becomes easier to learn the language. The whole trip was really nice however I was not expecting that cold weather. I was wrapped up head to toe all the time and I'm not normally the type of person that will wear scarves and gloves. Nonetheless, it was still a great trip!

That's it for today, happy new year, Dom x

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