November 17, 2017

The Ultimate Faves | Metallic Eye Shadows

Hello my lovelies!

Not so much a basic but definitely an essential to your beauty collection, welcome to the ultimate faves of my metallic eye shadows! 

There's nothing more disappointing than buying some new eye shadows then swatching it and nothing shows up on your finger. Its all about the pigment. I have compiled a list of my ultimate fave highly pigmented shades that just blind you when it's swatched. 

Buxom Single Eye Shadows - Pure Platinum
Last year when I went to NY I was determined to make my own eye shadow palette, this was the first to the collection and will forever be the fave. I remember swatching it and just not being able to breathe for a good 3 seconds. The pigment and shimmer is just so incredible! I love to use this when I do a cut crease eye look. 

Maybelline 24 hr Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold & Gilded Rose
I have these in 2 different packaging. In the UK they sell these in pots however when I went to New York I found it in a the packaging that you'd normally find lipgloss in with an applicator. Personally I think I prefer the pots because the product needs blending either way so I'm applying it with the wand and then go over with my finger either way. 

Khroma Eye Shadow Palette
I'll throw this one in there. I've had this for ages and I'm pretty sure it's something I just knicked from my sister. I never thought much about what it is or what brand it is, I'd just use it occasionally for some shimmer. Turns out its the Kardashian's beauty range which isn't sold anymore. But I guess the real message here is look at the makeup you've had for ages but never reach for, you might find some gems. The shimmer on this is insane,  I'll use this occasionally as a highlighter. 

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
The palette does feature metallics and mattes but boy are the metallics shimmery. The palette in general is perfect for a full look as the shades all go together to create a lovely nude rusty look for day and night. The pigmentation on this one is also out of this world, its really easy to build up however you could just swatch it once and have a done look. The black specifically is amazing. Hands down one of my favourite palettes. 

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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