November 13, 2017

Glossybox Unboxing | October Box

Hello my lovelies!

Another month, another Glossybox Unboxing. It's been a busy month and I have more content lined up for the next couple of weeks. I even had time to take some fashion pictures which we all know takes a month's organisation and planning, at least it feels that way. Has anyone else noticed that its been such a chilly month? It's finally getting to the minus numbers and walking out in a jumper just doesn't do it anymore. Just a couple weeks and it's Christmas time, so excited for that cosy Christmas vibe.

In this month's box I received:

  • Makeup Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette
Second one! Believe it or not, I actually already own this palette which never happens. I will most likely be giving this away or selling it as I don't really need two of them. It terms of my opinion on it, it's definitely an occasion palette. I use this very rarely and never really use more than one shade at a time. I like to experiment occasionally by using one of the shades in the crease or along the lash line however the idea of a full blue eye scares me a bit. Or shall I give it a go? Hmmm. The pigment is nice, however not as bold as I would want it to be. You have to layer it on quite a bit. 

  • Sleek Makeup Creme to Powder Blush
This one on the other hand is quite pigmented. Pigmented blushes scare me though. I'm always scared that I'll put too much on and end up looking like a clown. The whole crème to powder thing is also a whole new thing to me. I never know how to use these types of products. It was a nice experience though, will definitely be using it. The shade is also a lovely coral shade which is my favourite kind of blush.
  • Kawaii Enterprise Brush Cleansing Egg
I love me some brush cleaning products. I never really used brushes until I got into makeup properly a few years ago. Once I started to use them I didn't really know what the dealio was with cleaning brushes. I tried out shampoos, hand washes and recently I started to use a bar of soap which is a definitive winner. I just swirl the brush around on it and it gets every piece of dirt out. I thought do I really need anything else to that perfect recipe? Well I tried it, and it worked. It helped to get the product out from the middle section of the brush faster and just sped up the whole process. I'll probably use this for any bigger brushes I have, I feel like it's a bit unnecessary for the eye brushes. 
  • Lord&Berry Magic Brow Perfect Eye Brow Pencil
If only the colour was lighter. I love a good eye brow pencil, my trustee Revlon pencil serves me everyday. I use it when I just want to make my brows look more put together without the whole statched faff. It's running out nonetheless so I was very excited to get a new one in this month's box, it was just too dark. Dark brown just looks way too much with blonde hair, I need a more taupey shade. I also like how on the Revlon one there's a spooly on the other end as it just speeds up the whole process so I wish this one had to too. It's not too bad though if I just use it sparingly. 

  • Bang Beauty Cream Color
I always love the idea of these little pots. The colour is a lovely shimmery pink which looks lovely on the lids and it really suits my blonde hair. The consistency however doesn't really suit the lid. I'm that person that hates product build-up in the crease. Because this product has a wet finish, it definitely builds up in the crease. I gave it a solid go though, wore it for the whole day however blending the crease multiple times in the day was just too much faff for me. I might give it a go as a highlighter though, could be a nice champagne shimmer.

Thanks for reading, Dom

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