November 03, 2017

Autumn Spirit | Key Season Piece

Autumn is probably my favourite time of the year. Leaves cracking as you're walking through the pavement, slightly chilly weather, and my inability to wear just the right amount of layers so I'm warm but not too hot. I always seem to struggle to dress for the weather, I will master it one day! 

Each season I have that one key piece of clothing that is my favourite and I could wear it any day. By the end of the summer when all the sales were on I picked up this beautiful skirt at Next for a ridiculous price of £10 (from maybe £60). As soon as I saw it I fell in love and knew this would be my key autumn piece. I genuinely got so excited! I just love the stripes and the colour going through, definitely my kind of thing. 

I've been trying to wear this as much as I can during this season because its so perfect for it. It just really pulls your outfit game together. That day I actually had 2 students on campus ask me to take pictures of me, it was definitely the skirt. 

I paired it with some burgundy tights, yes I'm back to the colour tights, don't judge me, and my favourite New Look booties. On top I wore my favourite jumper which I stole from my mum, thanks mum!

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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  1. Your colourful vertical-striped skirt is very pretty, and it looks great paired with the burgundy tights, grey rollneck jumper and your beautiful blonde hair. Your lipstick looks very pretty too,


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