October 23, 2017

My Night Time Routine | The Perfect Comfy Night In

University has started, and already I'm looking for ways to take my mind off the work load. Everyone needs some way to relax at the end of the day and forget about everything, even if its just for a few minutes. Here's my ultimate guide to relaxation.

After a long day of work, cocoon yourself in your room. I change from my uncomfortable clothes to a comfy tshirt and underwear. Most of the tshirts that I own are tshirts that you 'wear around the house' and on this occasion I've got this super comfy one from Tomboyx. They were kind enough to let me try out their products, the boxers were my fave though as they felt as soft as a baby. There's nothing better than to get into comfy clothes at the end of the day and just relax.

To kick off the crazy night, I'll start off by making my bed because I didn't make it in the morning. I get all my blankets out and move all the snacks from the kitchen to my room. Gotta have some snacks. I take out all my candles and place them all around my room. The dim lighting and the yellow flicker of the flame just makes me feel at home. For extra points, use a WoodWick candle for that lovely crackling sound. Makes me think of wintertime when you're sitting by the fire with a hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows. Last touch, fairy lights. I'll connect my laptop to the TV and whack on Netflix. I'm currently watching Narcos (only when Oli is there though), Gossip Girl (again) and I just started Bates Motel. When I'm not watching Netflix I love to watch Bake off on Tuesdays and CSI New York whenever I catch it on TV. What are you watching at the minute?

Thanks for reading, stay cozy,
Dom x

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