October 06, 2017

London Fashion Week Festival | 48 hours in London!

Hello my lovelies,

On the 24th September I finally attended the London Fashion Week Festival. I've been dreaming to attend this event for maybe 2 years now and finally it happened. I booked a week off work (mainly to sort out my unorganised life) and booked a 2 day trip to London.

I spent the first day doing the typical touristy things. I took a walk through Hype Park, visited the V&A and stopped of for lunch at Wild Food Cafe. The place is a vegan restaurant with this amazing atmosphere. The place where you meet your friends for a catch up and a mid day smoothie. The bartender was super nice, even put some lemon and ginger in my water. Peggy Porschen Cakes was another place I just had to visit in London. It the ultimate stop for bloggers in the area, so much so that when I arrived there was a queue to take pictures in front of the famous floral entrance. And yes, I waited for my turn and asked for a picture. To finish off the day I headed to Oxford Street for some late night shopping, I spent an hour in Lush, no regrets.

I ended up staying in a hostel for the night to save some money (or use the savings for shopping) and I had such a strange experience! In the morning I headed down for breakfast and a lovely lady started chatting with me. She asked me what I'm doing in London and we talked for a while. We ended up going together to the National Portrait Gallery and then for a coffee. Now you might be thinking that's super dodgy, but she was so nice and just needed to get started with her day and find her bearing in London. I mean it was a 60 year old woman, I knew that I would be fine, plus it's an interesting story to tell friends.

After coffee I stopped at a bus stop to change into my very high heels from flats, gotta look like a fashion person. Walking into The Store, I had no idea what to expect and it just all hit me. There was so much going on! Chanel, Pada, Gucci...  Stand after a stand of designer pieces, the dream for fashion junkies. A nightmare when you haven't gotten payed yet and you've got £100 for 2 weeks. I took as many freebies as I could nonetheless. I did treat myself to a Fashion Fix at the Label M. The hairdresser was so nice and gave me these lovely Kalisi inspired plaits. They also gave out a free Elle magazine which I read at Carluccios at the train station. Did you know Glamour is back in? Get out your fancy dresses, diamond earrings and all the fur you can find because it's time to get glamorous!

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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