September 11, 2017

The Ultimate Quirky Gift Guide

It's getting to that time of the year, the summer came and went and before you know it it'll be Christmas again. This week I have teamed up with Uncommon Goods to provide you the perfect  quirky gift guide, for any occasion.

Uncommon Goods is a Brooklyn based online brand that offers handmade, recycled and organic products. It's all about the story behind the art and creating a community of art fanatics. Their mission is to base every decision around sustainability, being environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Personally I love it because it offers such a variety of products, sometimes things that you would have never thought even existed, but when you see it you think 'that would be perfect for my mum'. 

When it comes to gifting I love buying presents for people. I love choosing out the perfect present for the right person. If you're going to spend your money on a present for someone, why not buy them something they will actually like rather than just shoving it somewhere in the garage that will be forgotten.

Today I'm going to focus on three categories on the website, however there are so many on there that will suit any occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, it's all there.

One of my favourite categories is the Home Decorative Accents, there are some amazing little gems in there. After moving into my new flat recently, I'm obsessed with any home decor. I think everyone has a secret love for quirky things like this, because in the end we love to surround ourselves with things that will make us happy. It's also perfect for any occasion too because you can find a lovely vase and gift it to mum on her birthday or Mothers day but then there are also some gems for the less easy to shop. I always find it harder to shop for men specifically because they don't seem to be as enthusiastic about specific categories whereas girls tend to have more shoppable interests such as makeup or clothes. Does anyone else find that? Well I've included here a couple products for the hard-to-shop-for. My boyfriend specifically is really into music and I found these lovely ceramic guitars which would look great on his wall. I also found these amazing record bookends which would be a great present to open for Christmas. What about presents for friends? I don't know about you but I love plants and I know that you secretly love them too. I feel like plants have recently had a comeback because now they're suddenly more Instagrammable. Why not get a growhouse for all your pots, make them more presentable. Lovely gift for a house warming.

The most relatable category, the Candle section. A good candle can go a long way, it's always a nice thing to receive because you can never have too many candles. This is coming from a girl with 10 candles in her stash (not including tea lights). I love having different candles for different occasions or seasons. You get the more floral scents for the spring and the cinnamony hints for the winter. The Long Winter's nap would be great for the Christmas season, the crackling of the flame would just remind you of sitting by the fire snuggling under a blanket. And for these Autumn days slowly approaching us I have the perfect room decor. How cute are these tea light holders, have a cosy night in with these nordic lights splattered across your walls. Candles are also perfect for students, every home smells different and getting something that your mum uses is the perfect way to feel at home when you're away at uni. Or you can use a Homesick candle, I love that each state has a different smell. You can even take it home with you when you go home for the holidays. My favourite scent would be the New York one though because I just love my pumpkin smells.

And finally, the Garden Decor section! Because we all know that I'm a 50 year old woman at heart who just wants to stay at home, host dinner parties and look after my garden. Considering I don't actually have a garden at the minute, these would work great for any 50 year old woman. Just kidding, gardening is cool! It can be so relaxing so it would work for anyone. My mum specifically loves adding little accents to her garden. They're always getting new plants and moving things around to make it more personal. Speaking of which, this personalised signpost would fit so well into that. You can write all the family members names or places which have certain meanings to you. Another favourite for me was the recycled wine bottle nanny stake. It's more of an indoor accessory but could still work outside. Using the stake ensures your plants receive the amount of water they need, I'm just really forgetful about watering my plants. It would be a bit of an odd gift however once you try it, you'd never go back. 

That's it for today, thanks for reading, Dom x


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