September 18, 2017

Surviving First Year of Uni | Do's and Don'ts

It's that time of the year, Back to School season. This one is for all the future Freshers! I'm here today to share my first year University experience and give you some tips for a great first year.


  • Make the most of Freshers Week! I'm not really the type of person that goes out much, however I did try to go out and socialise as much as I could during freshers week. In the end everyone is in the same boat and it's the time of the year where everyone will be trying to make friends. Once you're a couple weeks in, people establish friendship groups and it all becomes harder. I'd definitely try to fully submerge yourself into the the whole experience however know your boundaries. If you don't feel comfortable doing anything don't force yourself. 
  • Talk to all you course mates! Your course is the easiest way to make some long term friends. You will have to talk to them eventually whether its because you've been put together in the same group, or because you start gossiping about your lecturers. In my case we had a few groups throughout the year and there was at least one or two girls which were in all of them. I actually met one of my closest friend Kayyah in group presentation. We ended up moving in together.
  • Make your room cozy! This varies for everyone because obviously everyone is different and finds different things more homey. The last thing you want is to move into a new flat and feel uncomfortable or home sick. Jazz up your room with some cozy essentials. My personal favourites: fairy lights, candles, plants and lots of pillows & blankets. Kayyah actually wrote a post about uni room essentials so check that your for more inspiration!
  • Apply for student finance sooner rather than later. Student finance was so dreadful for me in the first year. I ended up having to send in so much paperwork it was a nightmare! So if you haven't sorted that out yet make sure you get on it. Before applying through the government make sure you have gathered everything you might need. If you are looking for more information on how to apply check out this post from the student loan refinancing company, Earnest. 


  • Force yourself to drink as much as you can. Starting university for a lot of people can be like moving away from all the restrictions you have back at home. You can finally do whatever you want without the supervision of your parents and that includes going out and drinking a lot of alcohol. Don't feel pressured to join in, again do what makes you comfortable. Uni can seem like this big competition on who can drink the most in the shortest amount of time but don't push yourself if you don't want to. Staying sober is cool!
  • Miss all of your lectures! I feel like the majority of people that start university have this idea that because now you're not as controlled about your attendance, by this I mean the university won't ring your parents, this gives them a free pass to just not attend. I get that in first year it doesn't affect your overall grade massively, but to be completely honest it just looks bad. You're paying £9K a year for this so why wouldn't you attend? Obviously I don't mean attend if you're dying, but if its a 9am lecture and you just can't be bothered to wake up that early then I'd think back to the £9K. 

That's all for today, thanks for reading, Dom x



  1. Reading this post took me right back to my uni days, and made me realise how much I miss freshers week! These are the tips I've been telling all my friends who are heading off to uni, but I'm still going to send them all this post!

    Beka. xo

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