September 04, 2017

Glossybox Unboxing | August Box

Hello my lovelies!

I realize that the month of August has been and gone, however I'm catching up on all my content so bear with me. I really wanted to share my thoughts on this little gem so here it is.

How has everyone's summer been so far though? I say 'so far' like we still have some of it left, but we all see the rainy days beginning. I've had a very busy August, didn't really relax much as I've been working a lot however the Corfu trip was very pleasant, I managed to make some content from that too. Have a browse for the Outfit Lookbook and the Holiday Diary.

In this month's box I received:

  • Essence Live.Laugh.Celebrate! Palette

Always good to see a bit of Essence. Recently there has been so much hype about the brand so I love that I got some in my Glossybox! Seeing the palette made me even more happier. I recently purchased the Z palette from Sephora (magnetic palette) so I'm loving the idea of a customised palette just to your own taste. The shades that were included were your typical everyday pinks: 04 its my birthday, 01 rhythm of the night, 01 my special highlight, 05 T.G.I.F. Nice shades for the base however I was missing a darker shade in there.

  • ModelLauncher Safari Sun Bronzer 
This has been my ultimate fave of the month. I've never really been a bronzer kinda girl, just the occasional contour. I didn't even own any bronzer, they never sat right on my face whenever I tried them before. I took this bad boy on holiday with me and I wore it every single day. I even ditched the BB cream most of the days. The colour is the perfect sun kissed shade.

  • Valquer Ice Hair Mask, Total Repair
The ice in the title isn't a lie. After being in the shower for about 5 minutes the top of my back went completely numb, I blame it on my long hair. The whole experience would have been a lot more pleasant if my hair wasn't on my back. It did feel very moisturising nonetheless. Next time I'll probably try to tie it up though.

  • Batiste 2in1 Ddry Shampoo & Conditioner Orange and Pomegranate

This was another one that I took with me on holiday. After having my hair wet the majority of the day-time, using this in the evening was a really nice pick me up. I don't really use dry shampoo as it always seemed to just make my hair more greasy. I really like this shampoo and conditioner combo though.  It nice to see Batiste coming out with all these different formulas to suit different hair types.

  • Rodial Suede Lips in Big Apple
Second try with Rodial. I tried the Rodial mascara previously and it wasn't the best to be completely honest. When I saw this for the first time I instantly thought of the Sleek lip crayon from the June box. I wasn't a fan due to the plumping so I was a bit worried this one would be similar. So with all of that in mind, the lip crayon was surprisingly good. I really liked how it was matte but not too matte, slightly moisturising. It stayed on for the majority of the day though which always makes it a winner. It a nice one to just keep in your bag, have it on the go.

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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