August 04, 2017

Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Shoot

The art of photography. I just love the way you can capture a moment that has been precisely planned to look effortless. Today I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos from the Styles of the Fuchsia shoot we did a while back.

As the camera company Light points out, what happens on the other side of the camera is something that isn't shown most of the time. I wanted to give you the exclusive view of the photoshoot from choosing the location, lighting and the general concept.

Just a little back story, at uni we were creating a report on the Spring Summer 2017 trends, you can have a look at on my portfolio. Me and my group chose the Fuchsia trend. We looked in depth how designers were interpreting the trend but also how it trickled down to the high street. We established that the trend was based around power dressing, therefore wanted that to come across through the imagery.

The concept was build around this powerful girl boss who works a 9-5 job but also loves to go out for cocktails with her friends after work. We had to create these 5 images that represented the concept we had. After bouncing a lot of ideas between us, which believe it or was actually super hard when there's 4 of you, each with different ideas. Eventually we stuck with the concept of showing the models life, each image a different location showing a different stage in her day. The first image shows the wall that she walks past everyday on her way to work. The last shot is in the same location to show the girl walking out for drinks but also to make the story cyclical. Second shot we wanted to show her in an office like location to show her busy day at work. Third shot is her grabbing lunch - we picked a cute french cafe, the 'take away' sign also suited the story we were creating. Lastly the fourth shot was located in a toilet where the model is applying on a lipstick as she's getting ready to go out for her cocktails. The blue worked well as it was a good contrast but also suggested it was the toilets at her office.

When planning the shooting days we had to think about the weather as it was a key factor in the first and last shot. The sunny weather made the mood happy and exciting but also showed of the colour of the garments which ultimately was the goal. We also had a hiccup when shooting the third image. It started pouring down with rain therefore the model had to stand under cover and we had to stand with our tripod and camera under an umbrella for about 10 minutes. But you can't tell that from the pictures because of the exposure time, it seemed to not show the rain through.

So as you can tell, there's a lot that goes into planning a fashion shoot, it's all worth it for that winner shot though!

Thanks for reading, Dom x



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