July 10, 2017

Poland Travel Diary | Wedding and Japanese Gardens

Hello my lovelies,

just a short one today with some pictures from Poland. I know, I'm a bit behind with the content but I had some posts scheduled to do before this so bare with me. Most of you might know that I'm Polish, and I realised that I haven't posted any pictures of it here. I tend to go once a year and unfortunately this was only a short one, but it was so nice to see my family and just see my home town.

In the 5 days we attended my aunties wedding, where she looked stunning in her red dress and had a day trip in Wroclaw where we visited the square and Japanese Garden (plus a quick stop at Sephora). Whenever me and Oli go to Poland we love to steal my cousins bikes and go for trips. We ended up cycling into a field where I got an odd oval shape sunburn on my shoulder from my tshirt. It was great.

Hope you enjoyed this post,
thanks for reading,

Dom x


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