July 28, 2017

Glossybox Unboxing | July Box

Hello my lovelies!

Its been a hectic July for me. When you change working from 16 hours to 30 hours a week it eventually gets to you. I feel like I'm so behind on everything. Me and a couple of other girls are starting blogging society at Nottingham Trent University so that will be fun. Lots to do for that but it'll be worth it. I'm also finally going on holiday in 2 weeks too so I'm so excited for that. It's very much needed. Anyway back to the Glossybox.

In this months box I received:
  • BellaPierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder
Perfect timing! Just ran out of my everyday setting powder. I used to use the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder but after using the Laura Mercier loose setting powder I've been converted. I love using the loose powder to set my under eyes but I needed something that was cheaper for the everyday. I've been using this powder on several occasions throughout the month to fully test it out. To start off I really like the colour, it evens out the dark circles under my eyes which I always have. I have however noticed that the more coverage I have under my eyes the more patchy the powder can look. It glided smoothly on a small coverage so I will be using this on the more natural looks however higher coverage I'll have to opt for another powder.
  • Spectrum Collections Small Fan -A10
I finally have a fan brush! Am I a makeup guru yet? I normally opt for a slightly oval shape brush for my highlight as its great for packing it on. After trying the fan brush I noticed that it definitely didn't pack it on. It glided on a subtle layer of glow. In terms of highlight I definitely like to layer it on. The bristles were very thin, almost too flimsy to grab any product. It seemed like I had to rub then on the highlighter to pick up any pigment. After a lot of work, I did have a gentle glow nonetheless.
  • Monu Professional Skincare Soothing After Sun Lotion
I haven't actually tried this one out yet. Unfortunately England hasn't been that sunny this month and when I has, I was stuck at work. Definitely packing this for my holiday in 2 weeks though!
  • Cutebalms Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry
I never really wear balms anymore. Since the whole liquid lipstick craze, I don't tend to wear anything else. Nonetheless, my lips have been on a strike, they've been super dry so moisture is all that I needed this month. Lip balms look really cute in the summer too, especially tinted ones. This one was super pigmented and was a really nice shade for me. It's a nice balm to put on no makeup days. When I don't have time to do my makeup or I can't be bothered but I still have to see people I put some of this on and I instantly look a bit more put together.
  • Papanga Spiral Hairbands 
This has been my everything this month. I never really got the craze before when I saw these hairbands. They're meant to prevent crinkles in your hair which for most people is the worst thing about having your hair up. For me, I love the way my hair looks after being up for hours. I get these lovely 'natural' curls. Nonetheless the bobble was still on my wrist all day (and sometimes night)... until I lost it yesterday. I'm terrible with bobbles. I'm so glad the box had 2 in so I have a spare somewhere packed away. Definitely packing that for my holiday, the spare is a bright pink colour so it'll look great on holiday.

Did you catch last months Glossybox Unboxing? Here's a link if you missed it.

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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