July 21, 2017

Dr. Jart Hydration Lover Mask Review

Hello my lovelies!

I've got another skincare post for you. You might have seen these on Youtube or Instagram, today I'm reviewing the Dr Jart Hydration Lover Mask. 

I love these sheet masks! I've written a post about them before, where I go a little more in depth into what they are and how they work so have a read of that. Today I just wanted to talk about this specific one as its been raved about everywhere. When I visited Poland a couple of weeks ago I took a quick trip to Sephora where I bought some bits, this being one of them. 

The reason why this specific mask is so popular is due to its two step process including a serum to prep the skin, then a rubber mask which was designed to hydrate and soothe for an instant pick me up. The serum is highly concentrated and when used with the mask its absorbed really deep into the skin. It differentiates from other sheet masks as it's more solid. Normally, as the tittle suggests, it's a thin layer of sheet whereas this one is much thicker being like rubber. What I really liked about this mask is that once it was on, it stayed on. I find that other sheet masks they are so covered in serum that they tend to slide off so you end up laying down for the 30 minutes or so. That's just too much time of not doing anything for me. 

So did it hydrate?

Yes! I was saving the mask for a particularly dry face day to test out its full potential. I started getting a bit spotty and flaky (post deadlines stress) but I'm normally a combination skin type. I used the mask for about 40 minutes and I felt an instant change.The skin felt more bouncy and glowy. I just noticed a difference in the skin when I caught my reflection. Not trying to over sell but I feel like everyone need one of these every few months just to rejuvenate the face. I will definitely be repurchasing this one. 

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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