July 14, 2017

Cross Stitching Animals with MouseLoft | Summer Arty Farty Project

14th of July. Is anyone bored yet? Summer seems to be so long and I have already managed to catch up on 3 TV shows and watch 2 seasons of Salem on Netflix. I need to get my creative juices going again. It's times like this where I miss uni and always having something to do. For now, I have taken up cross stitching to keep my hands busy.

I recently took a trip to HobbyCraft to get some bits for mini art projects. I came across these mini cross stitching kits from Mouseloft and had to buy a couple. Also a big thanks to Mouseloft for sending me a kit, I'm loving my Flamingo!

The kits are super easy to use and its so satisfying to see it finished in the end. When I did my first one I was completely overwhelmed by the whole idea of me actually creating something like this but the kits are super easy to use. It did take a couple of days for me to complete one when I first started, but recently I can do one a day if I really put my mind to it.

It comes with a design and instruction for the stitching including the type of stitch, ie cross stitch or back stitch, and what thread to use for which section. Each kit comes with the threads you need, and a needle. I've got so much thread leftover though because I stitch strategically. I normally do each colour in one go starting at the top going along and down (or the other way around) which means I'm not wasting thread. I've really enjoyed doing these when I'm watching something on Netflix. I'm just that type of person that needs to do 10 things at once.

So if you're like me, bored and need something to do this summer, why not create a collection of mini cross stitch animals. I can't wait to move into my new flat because I'm planning of framing all of these and decorating my room. Look out for that.

Happy stitching!

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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