June 30, 2017

Summer Trends for Women and Men | Denim and Colour & Pattern

I'm sat here in my flat, on a Thursday morning, writing this post and it's pouring rain outside. So much for summer. Where did last weeks heat wave go? Fortunately for me, I went to Poland for a few days where the weather was lush. I even got a sunburn of an oval shape from the tshirt above. Lets just hope it gets sunny again, I still need a tan. For now, here are some Summer trends for your outfit inspiration. 

I have picked out 2 trends, denim and colour & pattern, which works both for men and women. For this post I have some suggestions for men from the Bonobos retailer which has some really great picks for the summer uniform.

I'll start of with the Denim for ladies. I recently purchased a cute mini denim button up skirt. I have wanted this for years. Every time I tried one on, it never fit properly and generally made me look chubby, but this little gem is the perfect fit. Shows what you can find in charity shops! Denim is always in, but it's the perfect summer trend for England which most of the time feels like Autumn. It's a really good transitional fabric, throw on a cute summer dress and a denim jacket over in case it gets chilly.

For men, denim can be an all year trend, it's not seasonal. Boys can wear jeans everyday without washing a pair for weeks. It can get hot however, therefore Bonobos has adapted their denim to be lightweight and soft, perfect for that summer weather. Pair it with a t-shirt and a jacket and you look smart, who said jeans are too casual?

Moving on to colour and pattern. With the Zara sales in, I had to treat myself to some goodies. I bought this adorable rainbow pleated skirt which has made my holiday. It's one of these pieces that just makes your day. I also own a yellow lemon print dress, that makes my day too. Colour and Pattern is the perfect companion to the summer weather.

Now, the boys can enjoy some colour and pattern in the summer uniform. Bonobos has these amazing print shirts which to be honest, even I'd wear. Throw on some short and you're sorted. Look how happy that model is! Everyone needs a bit of colour in their wardrobe!

Have a browse through the bonobos collection!

That's it for today,

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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