June 02, 2017

Face Your Fashion Fears!


Hello my lovelies!

I've been challenged to face my fashion fears today. A couple weeks ago I received the challenge from Dia& Co to stand up to my fashion fears and style some pieces that I've been avoiding for so long.

Dia&Co are a plus size clothing brand who do a subscription box tailored just to you for when you need it. It's a really interesting concept, you even get to send anything back that you don't want! Although I wouldn't class myself plus size (at least not now, talk to me after my triple chocolate fudge ice cream), I do still find faults in myself which limit me when getting dressed in the morning.

Today I'm breaking that by styling 2 pieces that I've always wanted to wear but every time just before I leave my flat I end up changing because it doesn't feel right or I just think that I look fat. I've had this skirt passed down by my auntie and I was never a fan of it but I thought it was interesting so never got rid of it. Recently I've been trying more often to style it however because it's a stretchy material and is very short, it never sat right on me. I just felt too fat in it, I guess not everything suits your body figure. Nonetheless, I kept trying it on every other morning. The email from Dia&Co was a perfect time for me to finally step out of my flat and feel confident in it. I wore the outfit for the rest of the day and felt fabulous.

The next piece I wanted to style was this simple Primark bodycon dress. I bought it for a night out and haven't had the guts to wear it ever since. It just... hugs you. I'm never sure if the dress accentuates my curves or makes them very obvious and just makes me look fat. Either way, I really like it with the Primark parka style coat. It pulls the look together and covers me up a bit for moments when I'm feeling too insecure.

I'm not sure if I'll be wearing this one again, it didn't make me feel confident and that's what clothes are all about. To make you feel like $100, is that the saying?

Thanks, for the challenge Dia&Co, it was super fun to do!

And thanks for reading, Dom x


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