May 08, 2017

How to Style Frill Jeans | Frills, Ruffles and Flare Trend

For Spring/Summer 17, its all about frills. In your typical high street stores like Primark and Zara every other top has either frills, ruffles or some kind of a flare. It's a crazy time in fashion, everything seems all over the place and I love it.

As I said frills are mostly present in tops however the trend has moved to other garments such as the jeans. When I saw these jeans in Zara I nearly died. Look how amazing they are! They're that statement piece in your wardrobe that people ask where its from. I had a stranger walk up to me and her jaw pretty much dropped right in front of me, she just had to ask me where they were from. Anyway, after trying them on I bought them and was so excited to wear them the next day. So I get up, do my makeup and start trying on tops to go with the jeans. In Zara they placed the jeans next to a tshirt with a print of a bralette on it. In the morning I'm stuck with this idea of pairing a simple tshirt with the jeans which didn't go the way I expected. I guess that just looked good on a hanger. I threw out all of my tshirts from my wardrobe and didn't like how any of them looked with the outfit. I settled for a simple black tee but felt uneasy all day thinking about how the hell are you supposed to style frill jeans?!

I got home and tried again. Because the jeans are such a statement piece a simple fitted tee almost didn't suit it. I ended up finding a tshirt that I bought from Zara a while ago which has open upper arms and a cute tie at the end of the sleeve. The way the ties sit on the shoulder gives a bit more flow to the silhouette, and looks much more flattering. I paired this look with some simple flats from Primark for the everyday casual look.

I also swapped out my tees for some blouses which fitted the silhouette so much better. Getting dressed in the morning became so much easier, pretty much any of my blouses looked good. For this styling I picked my loose fitted blue blouse which is about 100 years old (it's not really however I have no idea where it's from, I think that I stole it from my mum, sorry mum). I really like how the deep blue looks with the black jeans. I paired the look with my fave black booties from Primark, I know, I use them with pretty much every styling, they just make me feel fierce okay! Also I apologize for that picture, Kayyah made me do it.

Lastly, I got inspired by the pink trend. At uni we're doing a Trend Mapping project and my group chose the pink trend. After looking at it so much it feeds into your wardrobe. I found this shirt at the back of my wardrobe which I received a year ago from a friend. I'm pretty sure it's from American Apparel though. I always knew that it had big plans, I never really wore it because it's not like you wear a pink see-through shirt on a day to day basis, but today is it's day. It's just that extra bit of crazy to the crazy. Again, I wore my booties with this look.

Have you seen my last styling post? I'm on a colour craze so have a look how I style the colour statement coat!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you thought about it?

Dom x

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