April 16, 2017

Happy Easter Everyone! | Easter Preparations & Egg Dyeing?

Hello my lovelies!

I'm a little early today (normally I post on Mondays) but today is a holiday related post so it only makes sense to post it today. As I've been made aware recently, not much happens on Easter Sunday for the majority of people. It's just another day off.

Well, in Poland we always celebrate it. For example, when this will be posted, me and my family will probably be having a big Easter breakfast. We still celebrate all the holidays here as we would back in Poland.

So, Mum bought a wide selection of hams (even though me and my sister don't eat meat), horseradish, beetroot, different salads, stuffed eggs and lastly we share the dyed eggs. So while the majority of people buy chocolate eggs we dye eggs, sometimes paint them (if we have time), and put them out as decoration, which we then crack on Easter Sunday. Its just a tradition. We definitely still have lots of chocolate though, I'm not too sure if they do that at all in Poland but any excuse to get chocolate, I'm on that.

Right I need to go and prepare the table now, have a wonderful day everyone, don't eat too much chocolate!

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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