January 25, 2017

Sheet Masks | The What, How & Why

Hello my lovelies!

Over the past couple of months I've been collecting some sheet masks as I really wanted to give these a go. My first mask I received in a glossybox and it was such a weird experience. I really wanted to try these out properly and give my opinion on them here.

To start off I bought a range of the I'm Real sheet masks by Tonymoly when I was in NY (available in Urban Outfitters) but I also received some from friends or beauty boxes. My fave would probably be the gold & snail one, super excited to use it now, thanks Jei.

What is it?
It's basically a sheet, paper or cloth covered in serum. When you take it out of the packet it's this really wet folded up sheet that has holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. The mask feels almost jelly-like with how much serum it has on it. Not going to lie, you'll look really silly and scary with it on.

What does it do?
Because the sheet has been absorbed in so much serum, having it on your face for just a few minutes provides a massive moisture bomb to the face. When you take it off there's a lot of residue serum on the face.

So why bother? To start of I'm just going to say that I've got combination skin. Sometimes it can be oily but sometimes I'll get dry patches in certain areas. I think sheet masks are an awesome idea for someone with dry skin. A sheet mask is your problem solver for a bad skin day. When I looked at other blogs for some research I found that photographers or makeup artists carry backup sheet masks in their bag for their models in case they're having a bad skin day. They're kind of genius. I guess it's just whether you want to go through the faff of having a sheet on your face for half an hour. Sometimes, I'm doing stuff when I do face masks or any skincare, and having a piece of paper on my face would just irritate me. It does slide a little bit after a while which can get a little annoying. But once a month or so, it's the biggest life saviour, try it out!

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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