January 11, 2017

Glossybox Unboxing | December Box

Hello my lovelies!

11 days late, sorryy. I went to New York and didn't even have time to click post. Busy every day doing touristy things and shopping. I'll be doing a few blog posts about that because I have so many pictures and bought so much makeup! Lots of content though so yay (that's my excuse).

Anyway, in the month of December I received these products and I've had some time to try them out so here they are.
  • Semi-matte Lipstick in Bossy
I have worn this tipstick for a whole day and although the staying power wasn't that great the colour really suited me. It's a good colour for blondes I think. My mum really liked it too. I just love lipsticks.
  • Essence Light up Your Face Luminizer pallette
I haven't tried this yet. I've wanted to try Essence products for a while now but I just haven't got around to getting anything so I'm really happy I got this. I've heard that Essence has some really nice gems. It's a really affordable makeup brand and although a lot of their products lack in pigment etc, some gems stand out hence why I want to try it. 
  • Lipcote Browcote 
I love this! I always heard bloggers/youtubers talk about using brow sealers but to be honest with you I thought it was just too much faff. I'd just put a little bit of eyeshadow in or something and then I wouldn't think about it. I've also tried a brown tinted brow sealer and it just terrified me. It just looked like I smeared something on my face. Since then I've been scared of using them so I really like how this is clear. Nonetheless, recently I've been loving the brushed up eyebrows trend. I've been brushing them up however they wouldn't stay like that for very long and when I used this they managed to stay brushed up longer. It also keeps the product that I put on my eyebrows on all day. It's like a hairspray for the eyebrows.
  • Revlon Nail Enamel in Gray Suede
I wore this nail varnish for my trip. I put this on the day before I went and I stayed for about 5 days. It only started coming off in maybe the last day. I really don't wear nail varnishes because they always manage to come off the same day that I put it on. I'm also the type of person that constantly has to be doing something so I can never just wait for them to dry. I was really impressed that this stayed on for so long, especially considering that I did a lot with my hands during this time. The colour was a nice neutral shade, an everyday colour. Next time I'll feel like doing my nails, this is definitely in the top 5 choices.
  • Lavara NaturKosmetic basis sensitivity All-round Cream
To be honest here, I really don't like the smell. I put some of this on my face and it did feel moisturising, but the smell just really doesn't agree with me. The creme consists of shea butter and organic almond. Both things I love however I really don't like it in this. It sounds really strange. I think it's because there's too much shea butter. I once had a shea butter bath bomb and I felt like I was choking in my bath. I guess it's just too intense for me. But if you're up for intense shea butterness, give this a go.
    Thanks for reading, Dom x

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