November 21, 2016

Independent Magazines | Elsie Live Event

Hello my lovelies!
Today I'm sharing my experience at the Elsie Live event. If you haven't heard of Elsie, it's an independent magazine created my this^ amazing man. Well... and the other 69 contributors in the recent issue. But it's generally a one man magazine where the content, photography and everything else is done by the creator himself, Les Jones. At the event he talked about independent magazines and the process he goes through to make his. 

I've personally loved the idea of making my own magazine since I was about 13. I must have done a fashion magazine at least 3 times since then. They we're embarrassingly bad. I went from using Word to Powerpoint to recently learning some basics of Adobe InDesign. I made a small magazine for a project in Art Foundation, here's the blog post which has all the pages. It was made to go along with a mock brand and it was super fun to make.

I feel like recently though I've just had a creative block, hence why my content has been a bit... average to say the least. I just feel like I can make more creative things. I went to the event not knowing what to expect, I never heard of Elsie, just though it would be interesting to see some independent magazines. 

Les talked about why you should start your own magazine, to stop making excuses and just do something. I must say throughout the whole thing I was in trance thinking yep, that's me. He seemed like such a creative guy too. For one of his magazines he threw a dart at a map and went on a week long trip to Miechow in Poland. He also collects gloves found on the street. Literally, goals. I'd love to do something like that. They're just little quirks but even doing something like collecting gloves or chewing gum wrappers gives you a starting point to do something creative in your everyday life. I spoke to him at the end and he seemed like a really down to earth guy. I'd love to get to know him more.

I managed to grab some of the issues and I'm so excited to have my own copies! I want to own a collection of independent magazines at some point so I've got this creative bank in case I get a block. There were also some other independent magazines so I had a flick through. We were also introduced to Ideas on Paper which is located in Nottingham. I've heard of it briefly before but never actually been. It's a shop that sells independant magazines, journals etc. I might try and find it at some point, I've never seen it so that's probably why I haven't been yet. I'm really excited to do some creative things soon though, just need to get through the presentations at uni this week. It's a very stressful time hehe. Definitely need to dig up that list of projects I wanted to do when I'd have the time for it. I guess there never will be enough time so I should probably just do it anyway. It's not going to be perfect but it'll be something and if I focus my creativity on it, I can make something amazing. 

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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