October 10, 2016

How to Get Fashion Inspired | Social Media, Films & Books

Hello my lovelies!

Today I wanted to talk about how to get fashion inspiration. I've just started studying fashion marketing and with the build up to my course I basically wanted to get a fashion crash course. What designers do you need to know? What trends? Brands? Also with starting the course you constantly have to be looking for inspiration, whats popular etc.

I've always appreciated fashion in the sense that I admired style and the way people arranged clothes together. I didn't actually have that much knowledge about the history of fashion, the well known designers and trends. I just wore what I liked really or what I noticed people wearing that I liked. I didn't read up on it much though.

Nonetheless after doing a lot of research I've got some tips for you so you can develop your fashion knowledge. I'm not a guru but I researched the hell out of this.

This may sound obvious but Instagram is a really good platform to get fashion inspiration. If you have instagram and don't really use it for that purpose then I've got a way for you to use if to get inspired. I use a lot of my discover section on Instagram, just because I'm more likely to see things I don't expect to see there. If you only look at your feed you see what your followers are posting so you know what to expect, if you look at the discover page you're more likely to see things that you wouldn't expect to see. The way it works is if you like enough fashiony pictures, the more will show up in your discover bit. I remember starting of by looking at hashtags like #fashion #fblogger #style etc. The more images I liked that suited my interests the more showed in my discover and now I can just check it occasionally and get some day-to-day inspiration. This is also really good for looking up trends. You can see whats's trending at that time.

Fashion Films
One of the biggest inspiration I got was watching films. I love films! I never used to be a book type of person anyway, I just preferred to look at the images inside them. I always used to watch tv shows and films so I would just watch educational fashion films every now and then. It's great, you can just have it playing in the background while doing stuff. One of my favourites have been Bill Cunningham New York, Devil Wears Prada, Advanced Style and Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's. Its interesting because you see the way people think about fashion and it helps you build this perception that it's not just a really vain business, it's important and it matters to a lot of people. This is really good for some background research on brands or even fashion just in general. You learn some names which actually stick in your head, then when people talk about them you have some knowledge and maybe some facts to share.

Fashion Books
I did say that I don't read too much but recently I have been trying to make an effort. Over the summer I read a lot of books about fashion eg Girl Boss, It, How to be Parisian Wherever You Are and The Dress: 100 Iconic Moments in Fashion. Mind you most of these are image based but hey. I like the idea of having a hard copy of something, when it comes to books I like having them out in front of me so I can have a flick though every now and then.

I've been using this quite a lot recently. The thing is when you start a pinterest you don't tend to use it that much, well at least I didn't. I used it on the off chance but I've found it so inspirational recently. When doing my art foundation I'd always use it for artist inspo and now here I am with at least 15 boards. Here's my pinterest if you want to have a look. I have some fashion boards there like a quirky fashion one or a streetstyle board. Feel free to have a peep.

One of my faves... Vogue. I know so typical. Its actually really helpful though. When I was doing my art foundation I used Vogue for a lot of my inspiration. I always just used to skim through it without reading it before but when you read it it has so much useful information. Trend forecasting, insight into the fashion business and so on. It's just a nice pick me up.

Thanks for reading, I hope this has given you some guidance and ideas on how to know your shit when it comes to fashion.

Dom x



  1. This blog is awesome. While reading the first 2 paragraphes of your blog I was thinking «This is me, she is describing me!!». I found this website very useful in terms of fashion learning. I find it's important in my life to learn about fashion the best way I can because most of my family and friends are very much into fashion and some ask for my opinion in times about there clothes and I would like to be able to give them an opinion that makes sens with the fashion trend of today. Thank you for all your tools, I will definitely watch the movies you talked about and take a look at the magazines to help me learn more about the «fashion world». I do have a website that I visite once in a while, it is great to keep up with fashion accessories, mostly.

  2. Hey! Thanks, I'm glad you find it useful. I think I was in the same position as you, you want to have an opinion about things so you just have to fully submerge yourself in it I think :)


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