October 03, 2016

Back Painting | Arty Farty

Hello my lovelies! 
Today I've got a bit of a random post. I've always wanted to paint on someones back. I realise that it sounds really strange but I guess its just an urge I sometimes get. So in this post I just wanted to record this 'project' and show some artistic imagery. Oh and thanks to Stevie and Jade for being really chill about me painting their backs hehe.

I don't know why but I just loved the idea of having a night sky or a sunset on skin. This might come from my obsession with sunsets which I've already spoken about previously. The back is a pretty big canvas so I thought it would be perfect for something like this. I've wanted to do this for at least 2 years and after not doing Art Foundation for a month or two I was getting withdrawals. Although I haven't pursued the artistic side of me, I still get crazy projects I want to try, this being one of them. Honestly this experience has been so amazing, just chilling there with my friends, painting their backs while watching Bake Off... Amazing.

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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