September 20, 2016

Skincare? Why Bother?

Why do we even bother?

I'll start off by saying that I've never really been into skincare. My skincare regime consisted of using makeup wipes to remove my makeup at the end of the day. I always found it so confusing. Cleansers, toners, serums, primers and so on. What does it actually do? What order do I do them in? Is there actually any need in all this hassle?
Well after watching countless YouTube videos of people explaining their regime and sometimes going into the benefits, you kinda get sucked in and want to find out more. Because who doesn't want a flawless complexion? Whenever I think about skincare, it makes me think of these elegant woman in their 50s or 60s that look about 10 or 20 years younger. It's not like they just naturally look like that. Obviously they must have some secret. The secret of youth? Yeah I went there.

So the sooner you start the less you'll age?

Cleanser. Now this is probably the most important step to prevent any breakouts and maintain a healthy complexion. After wearing makeup all day, your pores get clogged up with gunk and not cleansing properly can build up bacteria on your face. This step is so wide, there are makeup wipes, oils, lotions etc. I normally use a couple of products here to get a deep cleanse. Using makeup wipes is a start  but unfortunately doesn't get rid of all your makeup. I also go in with The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter which is an oil based cleanser that goes really deep into the pores. Any oil based cleansers are also great because they moisturise your face.

Moisturiser. Did you know that moisturising can help reduce wrinkles. When your face and body loose moisture, they loose elasticity which can induce wrinkles. Do you ever look at some celebrities and think wow, how does she look so good? Well it might be down to all the money they have, hence the expensive products they buy, but it might be because they just take more care of themselves. In the end, they're using something to keep them looking young. You don't have to spend a fortune, start off with an anti-aging moisturiser and you'll see a change in the way your skin feels. Personally, I'm all about that soft-as-a-baby's-bottom life so that's why I moisturise. I've been swapping between the Nivea Visage Pure & Natural Night Cream and the Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Night Cream. They both feel very soothing and in the morning I definitely get the soft-as-a-baby's-bottom vibe. 

Toner. Toner is basically there to reduce the appearance of large pores. It shrinks them which creates an even complexion and gives you a layer of protection from any bacteria going in. Recently I've been using the Body Shop Tea Tree Mattifying Toner which has helped me get rid of some nasty spots. It's a mattifying toner which has been great during the summer. I personally prefer the matte look rather than the dewy and this toner has helped me control the oils on my face.

Primer. This links in with the toner as it reduces the size of pores. I've been using the NYX Angel Veil recently and it's been so amazing. It's an oil free primer which is slightly silicony. It creates a perfect base for your makeup as it just glides on smoothly.

So after all that, skincare is actually quite vital. I'm not saying everyone is perfect and uses face masks everyday but it should be at least something that we try to make an effort in. I definitely end up falling asleep in my makeup on some occasions but the next morning I feel shit and try to make up for it by pampering. Using skincare products alongside a healthy diet can promote a healthy lifestyle and even a glowy complexion. Don't forget, you can always DIY it ;) Research what ingredients would suit your complexion and create your own skincare.

Thanks for reading, stay healthy, Dom x


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