September 09, 2016

Sex and The City | TV Faves

Hello my lovelies!
I've always wanted to go into my interest in film and TV on this blog but never managed to integrate it in. So here's a TV monthly favourites! Well over the month of August I've been obsessed with the TV show Sex and The City. It has completely taken over my life and when I'm at work all I can think about is what happens next. Unfortunately I know the ending because I've watched the film a while ago but hey its still interesting to see how it got to it. 

Anyway, the show is about Carrie Bradshaw and her friends and basically their sex life. There is an on-and-off relationship between Carrie and 'Mr. Big' but in between that you see stories of the different 'hookups' the girls go through. You also, believe it or not, learn a lot about sex.

The only downside from watching this has been the orgasms. I can just sit there in my room on a quiet day and you just hear very loud moaning coming from my room. My family probably thinks I'm watching porn. That's when you have to turn down the volume. I promise it's not but you do get the occasional scenes. It really interesting because you actually learn so much and hear thing about sex which people don't really talk about.

I have definitely fallen in love with Carrie though. The thing is she's not perfect. She's supposed to be this sexpert that knows everything about relationships but I must say a lot of the time I am sat here thinking what are you doing. When she deals with relationships I am thinking you should have said that instead. Nonetheless, she's still fab. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to say it or make a big scene about it. 

I also like how the girls are so different. Carrie is this loyal friend who has an obsession with shoes and is also quite clumsy and fidgetty. Miranda is this successful lawyer who isn't necessarily the prettiest of them all but shes definitely the intelligent one. Samantha is what you would call sex obsessed. She has been with so many girls and guys she can't even count, but in the end I think she's just out to have fun and enjoy herself. She's definitely a true friend nonetheless. Lastly Charlotte, who is your typical I want to settle down and get married type. We see her pushing herself to have fun and be with different guys but in the end she just wants to find 'the one' and settle down with some kids.

I'm only on season 4 out of the 6 but it's definitely up there with my other favourites. I don't know what I'm going to do when it finishes. I should probably start looking for another series when I finish this one.

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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