July 31, 2016

Interrailing Europe | Tips & Vlog

Hello my lovelies!
So I'm back from 2 weeks of interrailing and I thought i'd share some of the experience with you guys. Throughout the trip I've been making some short clips just because I thought it would be so much better to see the experience in video rather than imagery.

For my interrailing trip I wanted to see as many countries as possible, which to be fair I did push a little bit. We ended up going to France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. Keeping in mind that we did only have 2 weeks, I know, pushing it. We ended up having a single day in one place, this brings me to my first tip.

Tip 1. Plan enough time for each place
As I said, we definitely didn't do this. I'm the type of person that plans A LOT. I did plan most of this trip and I have no idea what made me think that one day in a place would be enough. It wasn't. Don't get me wrong, we did see a lot of things but when you're restricted with time, there's more pressure to keep doing things with absolutely no breaks. Not even sleeping. Okay we did sleep but definitely not enough.

Tip 2. Don't be restricted with a tight schedule
To be fair, we could have done this a bit more but as I said we didn't have much time in each place. We did have some days nonetheless where we showed up to a place and just went out. The hostels normally give out lots of leaflets about what there is to do so you could just make it up as you go along. Having a too tight schedule can make you miss things because you planned to only see the two or three things in that day.

Tip 3. Check whether the trains you want to get have to be reserved
After spending 2 days in Paris, the next day we showed up at the train station hoping to get the train to Geneva. We were told that we had to reserve it and it was all booked out. Somehow we managed to get a train later that day but we ended up waiting 5 hours for it. With the interrailing ticket you can get on most trains however there are some (or in some cases depending , a lot) that will require you to reserve it. With the ticket you get a huge discount on the reservation however there are limited seats with the interrailing pass which book out fast especially in the peak of summer.

Tip 4. Be prepared for unexpected things
Our last stay after Berlin was meant to be Amsterdam however when we arrived we found out that we can't reserve seats for the train next day. We ended up cancelling the hostel in amsterdam (still charged us for the night), book a hostel in Brussels', take about 5 trains to Paris which didn't require reserving and finally to top things off, get on the eurostar only to find out ten minutes into the journey that there was a fire somewhere. After waiting 2 hours we had to jump out, find our way back to Paris and book a hotel for the night as there wouldn't be any trains that day.

Tip 5. Don't look at everything through a screen
Now that might sound contradictory since I did create a video when interrailing however believe it or not, there were a lot of moments which were not captured on camera. Plenty of sunsets, date nights, and music performances which were not videoed. Sometimes you just have to be in the moment and enjoy the experience rather than try and capture it through pictures or videos because in the end it's not the same as living it.

That's it for today!
Thanks for reading, Dom x

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