July 04, 2016

Day to Night | T.M.Lewin Style

Hello my lovelies! 
Today I've got two day and two night formal looks for the lady and the man. In the wedding season spirit, I wanted to create some more formal looks for these special occasions. 

I've been working with T.M Lewin and created some looks which made me think of their style. It reminded me of this ultimate power woman who looks fire in formal attire all day every day. Price wise, the clothes are surprisingly cheap considering the fact that I am the bargain queen. Here's a link to their women's section on the website. The shirts for example are around £20-30 which really isn't that much. 

For the lady's day look I have gone for a very stripey look. They always seem to look more on trend. If ever in doubt, stripe it out. The look is formal but also casual as it's quite loose fitted. The shirt is over sized and the culottes give the look freedom of movement while still looking formal with the cut of the garment. Turns out you can dress formal and be comfortable, who would have thought. 

For the night look I've paired a deep purple/dark blue strapless dress with a nice fitted black blazer. I'm not normally the one for strapless dresses but with the blazer I think it works really well. I just feel really naked with my shoulders out hehe. I love this look though because I felt really confident in it. The colour of the dress also really reminded me of the Snorkel Blue, one of  Pantone's colours of the year.

For the man's day look I have a nice loose shirt with a pair of fitted trousers to balance it out a little. The look is perfect for errands, meetings or any day to day occasions which require more formal attire.  
Lastly for the man's night look, I've paired a white shirt, blue tie with some fitted black trousers. I think the blue tie is so classic. I tried out a couple of other ties on my model when styling him but the blue one just seemed the obvious choice. The look is perfect for any 'night' events eg dinner or a wedding perhaps, just missing the blazer. T.M. Lewin has a range of suits for any occasion, if that be your after work cocktail, an interview, or traveling for work, they cover all the bases for the men! 

Thanks a lot for reading, Dom x


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