June 24, 2016

Art Foundation Final Show | Poppi

Hello my lovelies!
After today's tragedy of Britain leaving the EU, I'm here to reflect on what I've accomplished recently and the amount of work that I've put into my art project.

Starting this project I didn't know what to do. It was a hard decision to chose something to do for 10 weeks but eventually, after the influence of Love Magazine, I realized that I wanted to created something happy, colourful and positive. Something that would make me want to come in to college.

The whole project started off with doodles. Doodles you do in maths when you're bored and you end up writing that boy's name over and over again. I started to experiment with drawings, colour and sweets believe it or not. To bring this experimentation together, I have created a series of dresses with different shapes and fonts to reflect this young, teenage spirit. I wanted to create an atmosphere where girls 15-25 years old can reflect on their youth, look forward to maturing but at the same time keep that inner child.

To go along with these dresses I wanted to create a small magazine promoting this atmosphere and feeling. I showed off the mock brand in a creative way using doodles, illustrations and collages. Social media has also been a great influence, especially Instagram which is image based therefore it influenced the colour scheme and in general what people were interested in. Here's a link to the zine where you can see all of the pages.

This whole experience has been an incredible one and it's a year of my life which I will never forget. I feel so privileged to have experienced this and I really hope that everything work out for our younger generation. I just hope that we can look forward to what is to come next for us like university or other things rather than worry.

Thanks for reading, Dom x


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