April 01, 2016

On Living in a Village | Photography Friday

I've lived in a village for the past 5 years at least (I think it's more though) and the time before that I lived in an area which was really far from the centre. I've always said that I hated it. I mean, living far included waking up a ridiculous times in the morning to get to school on time, leaving the house at least an hour or 2 before the time you made plans with your friends etc. And all that money on bus cards. I literally have to have 2 bus cards now because the main bus company doesn't go to my village. 

Now that I've grown up a bit, I've learned to accept it and just deal with it. I've just accepted that that's how it is. That doesn't mean I'm not super excited for when I move out for university though. I'll be living near town and I'll be able to cycle everywhere because I'll finally have footpaths! I definitely think living far made me resent the countryside a bit more. It's made me more of a city person. I think when I get older and get my own place I'll probably want to live in the centre. I love being surrounded by people. Especially in London. Every time I visit everyone is so kind and there's so much to do. I guess I just prefer that to being on my own without much to do.

Another thing about living in the village, there's never anyone around! It's always so deserted. You just get the occasional jogger running past you or a kid walking home. The kids there aren't really nice either. I don't have any friends there as it's not the nicest area for young people. You just get the occasional chavs by the shops. I mean you try to be friends with them but you literally have nothing in common with them. Anyhow, that ended bad so I just have friends now that live closer to town.

I guess the biggest factor that makes you accept the fact you live far from everyone are the views. There's a road going out of my village that has the nicest view. In the morning the sunrise comes up from the fields and when the sun sets you get beautiful colourful clouds and all I want to do is take a trip there one day and just paint the view.

Anyhow, that's it for today, I won't be posting on Sunday because I posted on Wednesday. It gives me a little extra to come up with some creative content for next week so hopefully that will be good.

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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  1. Hey there! This was an interesting post for me to read. I live quite far off from the centre of my city as well and like you said all the travelling to go to all the places I really want to go can be trouble but I think with time, I've learnt to appreciate nature and the quiet this place has :) You town looks too cute!



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