April 24, 2016

5 Day Jeans Trial

Everyone has their own style. Some people feel most comfortable in jeans, some prefer to wear skirt or shorts on a day to day basis. I definitely fit into the second option. Up until last week, I owned one pair of jeans which were more like jeggings than anything. I definitely feel more comfortable in loose clothing, leggings or dresses. I feel like I can move more freely and do anything that I want. I've always steered clear of denim. I found it really uncomfortable and it just limited my movement.

After really getting into fashion and reading through tons of blogs I found that I really liked the way some bloggers styled their jeans. I really wanted to invest in a pair and see whether they can be something that I can wear on a day to day basis, and what better way to test that out than wearing it for 5 days straight. I bought these jeans last week at Cow. They're high-waisted and super loose, so basically perfect for me. You don't even understand how hard the process of buying these was for me. I happen to have an odd waist shape. My legs are a size 10 but the bum and waist is a size 12. It's just such a struggle to buy anything. Anyhow, I managed to find these and honestly, these were the only pair in the shop that fit me.

Day 1

For the first day I finally wanted to try the simple white t-shirt and jeans look. As silly as it sounds, I've never been able to pull this look off with just leggings or something similar that. I paired my vintage mum jeans with a plain white loose t-shirt and a black belt. I also wore my pleather black boots to give that classy touch to my look.

Day 2

It's day 2 and paired my jeans with a stripy loose b&w shirt. I got this shirt from a charity shop a while ago for maybe a pound and I really wasn't sure about these sleeves but I really like them now. I used to roll them up really high because they just seemed really chunky and like they got in the way but hey seeing bloggers style them now I'm glad I've got it. I've also got my new fave sunglasses here. I bought them from Tiger and I love them so much. I love the blue tint they give and the shape of them. They just seem really new and on trend. 

Back to the jeans. At this point I'm starting to see the benefits and disadvantages of them. Because they are so loose, I have to wear them with a belt which can get really uncomfortable, especially when you're sat down. It just sort of digs into you. I'm an art student which involves a lot of movement and running around printing things or taking pictures etc. I think that's one of the reasons why I would chose comfort more likely than style. Or in my case, I try really hard to have the two balanced. 

Day 3

Its day 3 and I'm loving jeans hehe. I'm reaching this point where I get up in the morning, pick up a shirt or top which takes me max 3 minutes and I'm ready to go. Usually getting dressed in the morning takes me about 15 minutes or so. Wearing jeans every day has been saving me so much time. I wake up and I know what I'm wearing. I know that I'll like it and that it will look stylish. I think it's almost like a uniform. A lot of important fashion people have been using their clothes as a uniform such as Emmanuelle Alt and her leather trousers to Anna Wintour and her huge sunglasses. I think in the end it gives more structure and less decisions to make for the day. It gives you more time to make bigger and more important decisions. For me, I've been doing my final major project at college and I'm a very ambitious person so I've obviously decided to take on as many things as I can, which means that I have to be working twice as hard. During this week I really think that I've been able to focus on work and just get stuck into it. I'm not saying that wearing jeans has changed my life completely but hey maybe it had it's part to my work. 

Day 4

Time for the boobies! Well my boobie top hehe. I really like this combo. It's a cropped t-shirt so it had a nice flow to it. I paired it with a chunky jumper because although it's been very hot for the past few days, unfortunately I still have to get up early when it's still cold. Although I like how I can just leave the house in a jumper and not have to worry about coats. 
Another thing that I've really noticed is pockets. I never have pockets. It's just never in the type of clothing that I wear like skirts and leggings etc. I've been loving it though. I'll be running around college printing things from memory cards and memory sticks and I've just completely rediscovered pockets. It's great, I keep forgetting I've got them hehe. 

Day 5

Coming to the last day of the denim trial. I don't know if any of you know but it's officially Nottingham Fashion Week and Friday night me and Oli went down to the Sneinton Market for one of the events to kick off the week. It was a really fun night, I got to meet some interesting artist and designers, I even saw my old art teacher... playing the harmonica. Not a bad night. I'm also going to be going to other events for the Fashion Week so I'll probably be writing about it here.

For my outfit I wore a very loose white frayed Viscose shirt which is one of my prized possessions as its a shirt from Topshop. I realize that it's not a really big deal but I am a very cheap person so I don't really shop in places like that. £40 for some trousers is way too much for me when I can just nip to a charity shop. I'm also wearing my new Jasper James flats which I love so much. I really like how the sting wraps around your ankle. I just think they look really flattering. 

To conclude this trial, jeans are really flattering and save you lots of time. You don't have to worry whether that t-shirt will look good with these jeans because it's most likely going to look great. You also get pockets! Pockets are great when you're not used to them, so convenient

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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