April 10, 2016

3 Easy Spring Hairstyles

Hello my lovelies!
Long time no see! I somehow haven't posted for nearly a week and I'm kinda feelin' the pressure for this post to be good. I really want my content to be creative and just top notch quality rather than just posting anything out that won't be that good. So that's why there was no Photography Friday this week. 

Anyhow, today I've got 3 easy hairstyles ready for the spring season. I'm getting really inspired with the nice weather and it's made me experiment with my hair a bit more. I've been trying to find inspiration myself for different hairstyles but all of them seemed to involve more elaborate things like plaits with buns and stuff like that. These 3 do's that I've got here are super easy and they only take a few minutes to do. 

1. The Twirl

This look is a cute romantic do. I think it's super cute and really carefree. It gives you something different from the everyday boring hair. I've been having mine down quite a bit recently as my hair has been super curly and I just love it. Although after having it down so much it got a bit boring so this do gave it that fresh style. 
So to start off make sure you have a middle parting. Then grab a little piece at the tip of your head, twist till the end and pin back. Once it's in place, tug along the twirl to create a loose, more casual effect. Repeat on the other side and voilĂ , that's the twirl for you.

2. The Halfsy

Now I call this the Halfsy because it a half up ponytail. Yep, that's me right there trying to be original. Anyway, when I first had my hair cut short I used to do this hair all the time. When you're used to long hair that can be pulled back to a pony tail, to it being too short to fit into one, this look is a life saviour. I've just made it look more done by adding a nice scrunchy over the pony tail. 
To achieve this super simple do,  place your thumbs at the tips of your eyebrows, run it through the hairline grabbing the top half of your hair in a ponytail. Basically how it looks in that picture^ hehe. And that's pretty much it. Don't forget the scrunchy though!

3. The Boxer Braids

 I think people call this the boxer braids... maybe? I've changed it a bit to suit me though hehe. So this is probably the trickiest one out of the 3 but I'm really good/fast at braids so I guess it just depends whether you can do them or not.
So again start with a middle parting and separate one side with a bobble so it doesn't get in the way. Then you need to start off doing a reverse braid. When you reach the end of your head, essentially when it starts to leave your head, put a booble in it. Normally I'd finish it till the end but I really like this version of it. It looks like you've got cute little pony tails and who doesn't want that?

So thaaat is everything today. Thanks a lot for reading, I hope you liked the hair do's.

Dom x


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