March 30, 2016

Vegas Day&Night Lookbook

Hello my lovelies! is a great place to find anything Las Vegas. I decided to participate in their Ultimate Vegas Outfit. I've created 2 ultimate Day & Night looks with my own spin on Vegas style. I've chosen one of their hotels for inspiration. The Venetian hotel is so lovely and after going to Venice in November (post about it is here), I've really been missing the atmosphere.
The hotel features restaurants operated by Mario Batali, Buddy Valastro and Wolfgang Puck. The rooms are all humongous Venetian style suites with a classic twist. The hotel has 120,000 square feet casinos. Games include blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, pai gow, pai gow poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Let It Ride and keno. There are nearly 2,500 slot and video poker machines, with Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune. An elegant poker room is also housed at the resort. My favourite part about the hotel are definitively the gondolas. They have them on the outside and on the inside of the hotel which I can't wrap my head around. How do you even? Just shows it the place where anything is possible. 

For my first day look I looked into layering. I wanted to think about how I can transition from the day look to the night look easily. I picked this lovely black skater dress and threw on the loose blue top over to keep things more casual and comfortable. My style obviously reflected my choice here and because I'm more of a girly girl I tend to wear dresses more often. I always wear heels or something that gives me a bit more height so I went for my favourite boots for this outfit because they just go with everything. Makeup wise I have used one palette to create the day and night looks over the 2 days. I used the pale blue eyeshadow all over the lid with a pop of the white shade in the crease to open up the eyes a little.

Transferring into the night look, I took off the blue top and threw on a long black cardigan to class it up a little. For these shots I visited the Fun Station in Corner house Nottingham with Oli and it was so fun! In Vegas you're very likely to end up playing at the casinos in one of the glamorous Las Vegas hotels and although I've never been to a proper casino I feel like it's something you dress up for. It's probably just me thinking about Bond here and particularly the Bond girls. They always look so dressed up and classy. Now my take isn't the classiest take you can do on the little black dress, I mean it is a skater dress in the end but I just love it. It can work for the day and the night look. Makeup wise, I use the same palette to transfer into the night look. TOP TIP have some sticky tape on hand to create the perfect night look. Stick the tape from the outer eye corner, to the end of eyebrow and apply your darker shadows on the outer part of your eye. I intensified my look by adding a dark blue to the crease and a black roughly dabbed on close to the tape. Once ripped off you get an eyeliner effect. This is definitely for the lazy ones. Or like me, the ones that just can't get that perfect eyeliner. I've just given up now on the traditional ways. 
Second day look! It's the more casual styling out of the two. I'm wearing some Primark jeggings and a Primark loose top half tucked in to show a little bit of the belt. Agin wearing my fave boots to get some height. I think this look would be great for days out in Vegas. It's comfortable and stylish. For the makeup I've gone again for the pale blue eye look. 

Anddd to finish everything off, the final night look. Again, hitting up them arcades in my fancy dresses. I got really into the games and I even attempted bowling which was so fun! I also won against Oli. Anyhow, outfit wise, I'm wearing a vintage style knee length dandelion dress with a loose shirt over it. I like how it gave the dress a casual element but still changed from an outfit your wear during the day. The black boots lasted till the end.  They honestly go with everything and I think they're the shoes which I've shown most on this blog recently. If you've seen my February Lookbook you'll know what I mean. 

So that's everything for this post. I don't normally post on Wednesdays but I had a deadline for this content (like a proper adult may I say), hopefully there still will be a post up on Sunday. I'm completely clueless what it would be though. I'll see. I'll definitely still post on Friday though!

I'll stop rambling, thanks for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this post and I'd appreciate any feedback. 

Dom x


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