March 18, 2016

Photography Friday | My Obsession With Sunsets

Yes, I know I know, some more pictures of Sunsets for Photography Friday. You're probably thinking okay, enough is enough. I guess I just have this massive urge to take out my camera whenever there's a sunset. I don't know what it is that makes them appeal so much to me. 

Although when I start to think about it, and excuse me but I'm going to get very deep here. It's all about the feeling that they bring. We run such a busy lifestyle and are constantly on the go. We tend to forget to stop and just appreciate beautiful things.

I notice this when I'm in the car with my mum. We'll be driving through the countryside with a perfect view on a sunrise or sunset and I'll point it out to her, but she just tends to nod and look away. Or maybe it's because she's driving a car and wants to look where she's going but you get my point. I feel like my mum is constantly on the go as she works a lot but I guess I can't really assume what she appreciates and what she doesn't. I know that I do this a lot though. I forget to look up from my phone and just intake the world. I think this generation has been lacking in that (including me) but I'm really trying to appreciate better. I think getting travel sick on the bus recently has really forced me to look up more but that's a whole other story. But overall, I've been getting very lightheaded when I'm on the bus and my head is down or I'm reading something. I'm kind of forced to just sit forward and look out.

I feel like sunsets have this mesmerising thing to them. Whenever I look at them I just stare in silence without a single thought going through my head. They're almost hypnotising. In that moment where I get the perfect view, I feel like the world has stopped and things aren't hectic and I'm not worring about a college project. I'm just looking and appreciating. My mum says that whenever we drive through the countryside past a field of sheep, she feels like that. You drive past them but they just seem to not move and it's like time has stopped for a second or at least it has slowed down.

After getting into Photography I guess I've just been obsessed with capturing that moment in pictures.
I think this little segment on my blog lets me not only develop my Photography skills and all that but it lets me capture moments and feelings which is more than I can ask for. It's like a smell that triggers a memory or a feeling. I believe that images can do the same. When you look through photographs when you were younger, and you get all sentimental, you think back to when you were in that moment. I know sunsets aren't people and there isn't a conversation or a person that makes you think back to it, but there is a feeling. That's what makes me feel better sometimes. Life is all about feelings and memories.

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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