March 25, 2016

Photography Friday: London Life

Just some pictures from the recent London trip. We took a trip with college on Tuesday to London with the intention of doing research for the final major project. I decided to go to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Vogue exhibition. It was honestly incredible and so relatable to my project. Unfortunately you couldn't take pictures inside which really upset me because I wanted to feature them here but what can you do. Looks like you're just getting a little snippet of London today. It was such a wonderful day, sunny and the atmosphere outside the National Gallery was so calm.
There were musicians playing their guitars, artist painting on the pavement and even a guy breakdancing. I was also surprised by another person tapping on my shoulder to give me a flower, as he said, "for the pretty lady".
I love the atmosphere in London, it's always going to be the goal, move to London and work for Vogue hehe. Big goals, I know. Maybe one day.

Thanks for reading, Dom x

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