March 04, 2016

Photography Friday | Arty Farty: Nottingham Affinity Festival Throwback

Okay so I was looking through my images recently, and I noticed this folder of images from the Affinity Festival at the Nottingham Contemporary. I was going to do a blog post about it back in November but I guess I never got around to it. 

It was a really fun event which I volunteered for and I honestly loved it so much. They had a little cardboard box where on the other side an artist talked to you while doing a drawing of you. I thought it was amazing because I've never had anything like that done. It just felt so personal as the artist really wanted to get to know you.

The second image is a shot of some of the works of students from Top Valley Academy I believe. I spent one of the days there with the year 11 students showing their work to the school and promoting the festival at the Contemporary. I loved their work though, it was all so personal to them, for example the teddy bear (which isn't actually in this image). The girl that did it loved her teddy and she was drawing it everywhere that day.

I am struggling a little for images to be fair too. I'm in the process of finishing a project at college, ready to start my final major project so I've been finishing off everything. Im so excited for the next project, I have a very ambitious wish of creating a fashion magazine. No idea how to do that but hey how, I can learn right? I have some exciting content for Sunday too, so I'm really excited for it. I'll be a fashion diary!

I'll see you on Sunday, Dom x


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