March 20, 2016

Fave Charity Shops | Sue Ryder

It's another fave charity shop post!
If you haven't seen my other fave charity shop post, don't fear because the link is right here. Wow that was cringey. Anyway, today I'm featuring the Sue Ryder in Nottingham Hockley. I popped in recently on a hunt for some colourful clothes for my next college project and I thought I'd do a post about it.

I honestly love Sue Ryder, it's that type of charity shop which obviously has second-hand things but it's all colourful and actually vintage. The displays are always on point and the girls there are so lovely. Shout out to Sarah who served me! They were really nice about me taking pictures and very helpful.

I'll go into the background a little bit just so you know what the charity is all about. Sue Ryder is a charity shop which, believe it or not, was started by Sue Ryder. I think her story is truly incredible as she was such an amazing woman who did so much for other people. Born in 1924, Lady Ryder helped during WW2 onwards. She has helped out with many charities and on their website, I noticed a wonderful quote by her "Do what you can for the person in front of you". If you want to read up on the charity a little more then click here for their website. The charity currently provide care for people with frightening, life-changing diagnosis through medical care and emotional support. It's just amazing and I love the idea that you're getting some awesome things, knowing that you're helping someone.

Personally, I fell in love with Sue Ryder a couple of years ago when I started developing my style a little more and I discovered just how amazing it is. I started to love the vintage style but not so much head-to-toe, just incorporating it to my dressy style. I know some people are a bit weird with second-hand clothes or any other items for that matter. Fo me I don't really mind at all. With my reputation of being a bargain queen, charity shops are a perfect solution. I've recently noticed that in the Hockley Sue Ryder they have been doing a vintage section by the front of the shop (which is the image above) and I just love the way it all looks. All the patterns and colours placed strategically on the rails are just so eye catching and it literally just makes you want to buy all of it. I've got some images below of tsome of the items in the shop and the displays they have so enjoy.

So that is it for today, let me know what you think about the post and don't forget to check Sue Ryder out on their website.
Thanks for reading, Dom x


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