January 29, 2016

Photography Friday

A new feature on my blog. I shall try to post on Friday's as well as Sunday's with an inspirational photo of the week. I'm developing an interest in photography and I recently got a new camera so I'm just learning how to use it. I'll be posting my own images and hopefully this will work. I struggle a little to create amazing creative posts for Sunday's so I'm not sure how this will go down but hopefully it'll motivate me to learn more about photography.
I've taken this image on Monday or Tuesday during sunrise because I live really far, therefore getting to college for half 9 means getting a bus to town at 7:50. You probably saw people posting these pictures on Snapchat on Instagram that day. Anyhow, I'm really happy with how this turned out, it kinda looks like Africa or somewhere really hot (fyi it was freezing that day). The second image was taken on the bus so the light is actually a reflection but I still love it. It really inspired me for the week and I really wanted to share it with people because I'm really proud of it hehe. It was a great moment taking these images and it just made me feel so peaceful and infinite (cheeky Perks moment there).
Don't forget to tune in on Sundays for an extra post.
Thanks for reading, Dom x

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