January 24, 2016

Japanese Kit Kats Review

Hello my lovelies!
So for Christmas, I received these random flavoured kit kats and I really wanted to write about them. It's a little different to the beauty and fashion posts but hey ho. I have here the strawberry and the green tea flavoured kit kats. I feel like any sweets that have these unusual flavours seem to be the most amazing thing ever, it's like so hipster hehe. Have you noticed that you can find pretty much any of these popular sweets in the flavour green tea which sounds amazing but can I just say, most of the time it's not. Recently I went to London and for some reason we thought it would be a great idea to get green tea flavoured Oreos... let's just say it wasn't. The Oreos reminded us of bread in flavour and smell. I know, not expecting to eat bread but that's as close as it gets to explaining it.
I tried the green tea flavoured ones first and they were alright to begin with. They were eatable but weren't amazing. They seemed to taste really bland and not at all flavourful. This is coming from a major tea lover. I normally love green tea but in sweets, I think it's a whole different thing. I'll probably still eat them as I've got tons of them left (I had an extra big bag of this flavour alongside the box) but they just weren't my fave. I think I'll prefer an actual cup of green tea.
The strawberry ones tasted better. They were sweet and tasted very milky. I actually really liked these ones. They weren't as flavourful as I probably would have liked them to be but I could see myself eating these more often.
My only issue was that they were so small. In each box (as you can see in the picture) you get 3 individual little packets of them, so that's 6 little kit kats since there's 2 in each. Nonetheless, I liked how on the back of the boxes (and each packet) you could write a message to someone. I think that in itself shows it's something you would receive as a present rather than picking it up as a snack every day. Well, you could but you see where I'm getting at.
Thanks for reading and let me know if you like these random type posts. 
Dom x


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