January 03, 2016

Granny Zosia's Makeover

I've persuaded granny to give her a makeover! My granny is very protective of her privacy so I was really surprised when she agreed. I actually asked my mum about this already but she said I can't do it. Also, let me just say that the bandage on my hand is due to an accident on Christmas Day. Ended up in A&E with 4 stitches. It's alright now but because I'm right handed it's in all the pictures.
Anyhow, granny agreed so I went all professional and set up my tripod ... in the kitchen hehe(which I got for Christmas, I know, so exciting!). It had good lighting! So my granny pretty much gave me the freedom to do anything. She said that she likes makeup a lot, she doesn't wear it a lot but when she does she'll wear eyeshadows and mascara. She wanted to try some more bold lipsticks too.
Here's the before and after. I've done a slight smokey eye for her using silver and black shades. 

Granny experienced having foundation on her skin for the first time in her life. She said it felt weird hehe. I think she's more of a BB cream type of gal. I was really happy with the way it blended on her face and how the colour matched so well. It took way more blending than I normally do for myself though. I didn't want it all to clog up in all of her wrinkles so I had to buff it all out. 
I CONTOURED GRANNY! I found it a little amusing but it looked quite nice on her. I even did the nose which you might not be able to tell because it's quite subtle.
Gotta prime these lids! I used the colour tattoo by Maybelline in the nude shade because it has a nice matte finish so it holds the eyeshadow quite well.
For the eyeshadows I used the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2. I also wet my brush a little to intensify some shades. I wanted to go a little more intense with it like bring the black out a bit more but I don't think it would look good due to her complexion and maybe age.
Can't forget that mascara. I'm really bad at applying mascara on other people so this was very painful but I managed to get some on there. I used my all time favourite Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara because that baby does wonders :3
Annnnd to finish off the look I used a red lippy to bring it all together. She told me that she likes bolder shades so I tried to suit that. 
Overall I think it turned out quite well, it's good practice and made me look at different skin types and maybe try to suit them. I saw what didn't look so good and what looked better.  So yeah, that's my granny Zosia. Kocham Cie Babcia! If you like this post and would like anything else like that, make sure to leave a comment and let me know.
Thanks for reading, Dom x


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