December 06, 2015

Wish you were there | Venice Photo Diary

Hello my lovelies!
Another Venice post! I really wanted to share some pictures of Venice. It was such a beautiful place and every step the view was magnificent. We stayed pretty much right in the center with just a few minutes walk from St Marks Square. We got a lot of free time to explore and get lost however it was still a college trip. We went to the Biennale and saw international art which to be honest, wasn't that breath taking for me. I appreciated a lot of the work and saw it as art but nothing was really that inspiring for me.
Before I show any pictures I would like to point out that my camera went a little weird on the trip as in it saved all my pictures as really small files. Long story short, they get pixely when they're bigger hence why they're not full size like they are usually. I'm trying to fix that but unfortunately for this post I can't do anything about it. Anyway, I better get to it.
Just a quick disclaimer: Please don't use any images for your own use, I claim full copyright over them.

A couple of pictures taken in St Marks Square over the whole trip. As you can tell, we've discovered that there is an enormous amount of pigeons about and they're not scared of you. They started flying over everyone and sitting on peoples shoulders. In Nottingham you approach one and it fly's off. Anyhow, the square was amazing, I just wanted to walk around with my camera and capture everything. The people were so lovely there however the majority were indeed tourists.

Amazing view from our apartment window. As I went to Venice with college everyone stayed in a central hotel called Hotel Mignon. However not everyone would fit in the hotel itself therefore a  group of us stayed in an apartment close by. I'll say, I wish we stayed in the hotel mostly because we had to clean up after ourselves hehe

The famous Bridge of Sigh. Yes, I'm really proud of this picture too hehe. I took a couple and had a few that were top notch but I guess that's just because you can't not take a good picture of the Bridge.

Lastly I have some pictures from the island of Murano and Burano (Burano with the colourful houses). Burano is famous for it's colourful houses and the production of lace. Again you just want to walk around taking pictures. The tourist there were also lovely, one even offered to take some pictures of us just out of no where. Overall I have to say that Venice and the surrounding island have amazing people. It was just a wonderful experience.
Thanks for reading, Dom x

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